remember the cat


Originally posted on DECEMBER 30, 2017

On Thursday night, I traveled to Pacific Grove, CA to read for a series called Curated Words, a project that is produced by writers, Janice Blaze Rock and Nicole Heneres. In my hurry to leave Fresno, I forgot the printed copy of the short fiction piece I had planned to read, and so, I had to read my story off my phone. I began to wonder what it would have been like if I lived in another time space where I didn’t have a device smart enough to pull my writing up like that! I read a Rapunzel piece that I wrote recently and have sent out to a dream magazine in the hopes they pick it up. The story imagines that the prince from the Rapunzel is simultaneously a feminist and a sacrificial man with integrity. Both Rapunzel and her prince are occultists and this makes for a great sex life with no kind of hang-ups. I really admired all the individuals that read their work on Thursday night. My favorite piece was an essay read by a woman named Galia. She wrote a profound meditation on how she hates to give blow jobs, to the delight of my boyfriend who is usually bored at literary events. After the reading, we ate a late dinner at a Coco’s diner that was getting ready to close. My boyfriend found a pink kitty cat purse that a woman had left behind, and he turned it over to our server, a kind man who wished us safe travels. I hoped that the woman would remember the cat and return for it quickly.