Cenote City, Clash Books, March 2019. Cover art by Joel Amat Güell

Trailer by Jonathan Leggett

Cenote City Cover Image.jpg

Praise for CC

“… a colorful, strange, and enchanting alchemy...cinematic, tender, and a ravishing read.”

Rios de la Luz- author of The Pulse Between Dimensions and the Desert and Itzà

“reverence and wonder… a much needed balm…” Sarah Chavez-Director of The Order of the Good Death and Cohost of Death in the Afternoon Podcast

the magical with the mundane, a white, thrift store zoot suit, the pink of peeling wallpaper, creating an environment as lush and vibrant as the cenote itself.” Quail Bell Magazine

In Cenote City, Monique Quintana has grounded readers in the importance of community and protecting the people you love most. With sharp and precise language, Quintana is able to transport readers straight into her world.” Tropics of Meta


Short story, “Sad Girl” in Tragedy Queens, Clash Books, 2017.

Covert Art by Matthew Revert

Covert Art by Matthew Revert